Chills and Thrills

My mobile rang at 1.40am. I snatched it up and hollered “What’s wrong?” knowing it must be one of my (not really any more) children who are all now living away from home.

“I don’t feel well” said hypochondriac daughter number three. She  had called me by mistake thinking she had dialled one of her  two sisters at medical school who cheerfully provide her with a 24 hour health helpline.  She sounded positively chirpy for someone meant to be ailing. “Where are you?” I asked thinking I might have to go and fetch her if she was ill.  “On my way to see Harry Potter.” She had tickets for a 3am screening of the new film at the I-Max cinema in London.

“What are your symptoms?” I asked, a whole lot less worried now I knew she was well enough to throw a  Harry-All -Nighter.  “I have chills”  she said. “Are they multiplying?” I wanted to know. “What? Are you drunk?” she demanded. “Are you losing control?” was my final question to her before she cut me off  and I laughed myself to sleep at my genius middle of the night  ‘Grease’  homage.

Walking back to her student digs with several friends after the film a man, naked from the waist down, jumped out from behind some dustbins in  Waterloo and did a spot of Scottish dancing for them. It was 7am. She sent me a text to tell me that and finished it with ‘Don’t call me till 4pm. nite nite x’

14 comments to Chills and Thrills

  • Ginny Willis

    Love this one…….did she take any photos of the dancer/prancer?

  • I’m very impressed by your middle-of-the-night inventiveness.

    Scottish dancing half-naked in this weather – no thank you! Funny how offspring are allowed to call whenever, but we’re not.

  • Julie

    Harry Potter at 3am??! Very, very funny tale – can’t believe you’re so nocturnal both of you. As for man leaping out – that’s a shocker no matter what time of day it is – wonder where his trousers were?

  • Pauline

    Genius middle-of-the-night inventiveness, indeed! Have you ever thought how surreal the tags for your posts sometimes are? ‘Chills, Harry Potter, I Max Cinema, Multiplying, Scottish Dancing…’ Only on this blog, Anna May, only on this blog. 🙂

  • Anna May

    Ginny, I hope her hands were covering her eyes not using a camera!

    Karen, so true about calling THEM. It’s not far off by appointment only in this house……

    Julie, maybe I’d been dreaming about looking like Sandy in Grease……..

    Pauline, they’re not tags, they are my life!

    Anna May x

  • Diddy

    Your brain = greased lightning

  • Elise

    Just love that response to ‘I’ve got chills’. Brilliant!

  • Roisin

    I think calling me a hypochondriac is a bit rich coming from a woman who cried when she had a migraine because she thought her brain was about to explode…xx

  • Ginny Willis

    Roisin. I am pleased to hear that she has a brain! xx

  • Ginny Willis

    Dear Anna

    That comment I just made sounds as if I was saying that I was not sure if you had a brain. I am sorry if it has caused yo any offence as I HAVE ALWAYS KNOWN that you have a brain. xx g

  • Julie

    Roisin should have the own blog roll – very funny comment!

  • MOYA

    Just to say I’m back. Looking forward to chatting with you

  • Ginny Willis

    Well Anna May, I have just put your book on my Amazon wish list for Christmas although I will probably have paid for it myself before then. xx

  • Anna May

    This beauty school dropout is hopelessly devoted to ALL of you for your comments !

    Anna May x