Pamela Stephenson!  The woman rumbaed with such grace and poise that her age had nothing to do with the wonder of it. OK. That’s the praise out of the way. Let’s get back to some uninformed criticism……. 

Peter Shilton and Boris Karloff – separated at birth?

Felicity Kendal rumbaed mostly with her lips and proved she can throw some good yoga shapes. And I bet she’d like to strangle Pamela Stephenson.

Paul ‘Gollum’ Daniels did little enough to secure the Care Home vote.

Michelle “But why don’t they love me as  much as I love me, Brendan?’  did the rumba mostly by staring intently at the ceiling and then at the floor.

Welsh woodentop (and bottom) Gav had a  sadly unsexy stroll with Katya and got animated too late with a scoring induced strop.

Patsy was all panic and ponytail.

Anne and Brendan ? He heaved, she ho ho-ed , a  bolero blitz.

6 comments to Pam-tastic

  • Couldn’t have put any of that better m’self. You can just tell Michelle’s wondering if it’s ‘because I is American.’

    I like Scott Maslen too – dire in Eastenders, but strangely attractive on the dance floor.

  • Anna May


    I had never clapped eyes on Scott before this year’s Strictly (I’m a Corrie gal) but think he is very fast and hoppy and definitely a contender.

    Anna May x

  • Debbie

    Michelle was just awful… My Mom always said that if you pull a funny face and the clock strikes twelve, then you will stay like that. That must be Felicity got her perma-wrinkled snout.

    I do like Kara….

  • Anna May

    Debbie, Kara is sweet but somehow forgettable. Michelle thinks a good dance but doesn’t deliver and I’m starting to feel sorry for Felicity who is being outclassed every week.
    Anna May x
    ps: does your Mom have any other sayings that could be a warning to us all?

  • Julie

    I love the judges as much as the dancers – CRH is so bitchy and accurate too. I love Pamela and loved Widdie’s dress to from last week. the professional dancers look like they could stab each other they’r so frosty – great TV.

  • i first saw Michelle Wiliams as an extra on the movie Species and i like her already at her very young age *