Cape Hope

Brendan threw an almighty strop. Anton threw an almighty Anne and I nearly threw up watching the Viennese waltz. Roundandaroundandaroundand……

Pam had surprise heavy legs and I am starting to enjoy the now very jolly Patsy Lambrini,  but poor Felicity has an air of impending doom about her. And didn’t she remind you of  the evil little dwarf from ‘Don’t Look Now’ in that red hooded cape she was sporting at the top of the stairs?  Her and Vincent  fannied about a while up there  delaying the moment they would actually have to dance. I predict it’ll be time for her to split, not do the splits (again) all too soon. 

Aren’tIGorgeous Gavin  gets my pity vote again this week. He did the Paso but his cape work had all the pent up passion of someone in front of a tumble drier shaking out a duvet cover.  The one thing he is good at?  Getting his pecs out for the  gals.  But even when the bloke is topless his  flat face remains a study in constipation. “Coooover Oooooop!” cried  an unappreciative Tess when he appeared bare-chested on the mezzanine. Gavin has a career ahead in dancing for sure. He’s wooden, stained brown…… a Chippendale in waiting.

4 comments to Cape Hope

  • *Wipes tears of laughter away*

    To be contrary I thought Kara was great this week and I’m warming to Patsy too. Bendan and Michelle were terrifying, but I loved his customary spat with the judges; wouldn’t be Strictly without at least one.

  • Debbie

    Anne had me choking on my fruit pastilles and Len was in a really bad mood last night. I loved the Time Warp!

  • Ginny Willis

    Gavin looks so botoxed and is in competion with Patsy as to who will crimple their face first. Someone should tell them not to bother. As for all the haloweeeeeeen hype – well, what can I say, zero. Whi will go out this week?

  • Karen, I agree about Kara, I finally noticed her this week.

    Debbie, this week Anne was a low flying object!

    Ginny, I have found a website that reveals who went out at around 10.15 on Saturday nights. It’s great not to have to wait for the Sunday night guff-full results show.

    Anna May x