And They’re Off !

It’s going to be a CLASSIC Strictly year on this weekend’s showing.

Highlights were Michelle Williams being all bounce but  no boogie. Is she related to Janice Dickinson ? Felicity Kendal wore a big bird dress and has got to stop wrinkling her nose because it stopped being cute in  1978.    And Paul Daniels got all abracadabraed up and thought  he was on Strictly Karaoke. Debbie McGee assisted her husband beautifully by power smiling and clapping.

And my Strictly  Question of the Week is:

Is Anne Widdecombe wearing a gum shield, or are all of her front teeth fused together? I have never seen her smile before so her gnashers have been a Strictly revelation. If it is a gum shield is it in place to protect her from fast moving mammaries? And if so why hasn’t Anton got one, too?

5 comments to And They’re Off !

  • Debbie

    Now don’t shout… but I missed Strictly on Friday and Saturday night!
    What else happened??

  • Pauline

    Anna May, I’m so glad you’ve had the courage to say what the nation is thinking but daren’t articulate – how did they tame Widdy’s boobs? They were a serious ‘elf’n’safety issue for Anton in the training footage and, really, how could the pair of them (Anton and Ann, I mean) avoid the inevitable gapping during the waltz?

    I must admit I didn’t think of it being a gum-shield – it just looked as if she’d overdosed on denture fixative. Yes, I know I’m being catty, but I’ve never liked the woman and can’t change the habits of a lifetime just because the media have collectively decided to hug her to the public bosom (while we’re on the subject).

    I fear Felicity Kendal has already lost her ‘plucky gal’ status to Pamela Stephenson, who was a-ma-zing, while Matt Baker is my early favourite because he’s gosh darned cute.

  • Debbie, were you hospital fighting for your life? There is no other acceptable excuse!

    Pauline, I think it’s all about the breasts with Widders. To think she was bestowed with such mahusive cleveage and yet the woman has size 2 feet !

    When Matt Baker appeared I wondered who he was, but after he danced I didn’t care. Very sparky. Gavin Henson shyly shuffled his way up my personal leader board, too – although there seems to be a time delay thing going on when he chats. He’s a sweet orange.

    Keeeeeeeep watching !

    Anna May x

  • Mahusive cleavage yet only size 2 feet – surely you are aware, Anna, that nothing grows in the shade.

  • Julie

    I am not knocking Ann W as I don;tthink i could dance in front of 10million people without looking a like a baby hippo in heels. she’s not light on her feet for sure but what the hell, she funny and not taking it too seriously untlike some of them are. i love it!

    Debs – is your TV broken? It’s essential viewing!