Cape Hope

Brendan threw an almighty strop. Anton threw an almighty Anne and I nearly threw up watching the Viennese waltz. Roundandaroundandaroundand……

Pam had surprise heavy legs and I am starting to enjoy the now very jolly Patsy Lambrini, but poor Felicity has an air of impending doom about her. And didn’t she remind you of the […]

Poppins Power

Shiatsu. If I had read the leaflet before my treament I would have known to turn up for my session wearing loose trousers and a t shirt and been prepared to roll around on the floor play fighting and grunting with my therapist. But I was clueless and Miss Shiatsu who spoke little English dealt […]

Swing In Sister

Peter Karloff, I mean Boris Shilton, gets this week’s bladder laugh in Strictly. He danced the (right ) charlie-ston and acted his way through it for all he was worth. His motivation was clearly all about running for a bus flapper girl style. Erin did her best to distract from him by wearing a teeny […]

Smearly Ready!

It was smear test day today.

I disrobed as necessary and positioned myself on the treatment bed in the dying fly position. I could hear the movements of the Nurse as she hummed a bit of Lady Gaga and snapped on her rubber gloves in tune. Then came the clang of stainless steel bowls and […]


Pamela Stephenson! The woman rumbaed with such grace and poise that her age had nothing to do with the wonder of it. OK. That’s the praise out of the way. Let’s get back to some uninformed criticism…….

Peter Shilton and Boris Karloff – separated at birth?

Felicity Kendal rumbaed mostly with her lips and […]

Top That

Is this Gavin Henson calling Asda ?

Silly Ha Ha

Just got this joke in a text from a friend:

Q: What’s the difference between a kangaroo and a kangaroot?

A: A Kangaroo is a marsupial and a kangaroot is a geordie stuck in a lift.

Caffeine Free

Had a chatty coffee in a cafe with a friend today and overheard a complaint in full swing. A woman came to the counter and asked to speak to the manager who appeared wearing a skirt suit, carrying a clipboard and a phone and strobing harrassed.

“Good afternoon. How can I help you?”

“My mother […]

Ballroom Bliss

Laughter crylights from this Saturday :

Team Pamela? Me too. She tripped the light fantastic and smiled and shimmied her way through it as her hero James turned his back and skipped off in the opposite direction. And I loved her mini Sesame Street homage at the top of the dance too when she shook […]

Ramones and Romance

I went to a civil ceremony on Saturday and had the BEST time. The couple walked into their service to ‘Baby I Love You’ by the Ramones and as they signed the register all us guests sang and danced along to ‘All You Need is Love’.

A First Dance would have been just too straight, […]