Last weekend I e-mailed daughter number two asking for her bank account details. She sent me back a chatty  reply with lots of information about getting to grips with plastic vaj-a-jays  (all above board, she’s a medical student) before being let loose on a gynae and obstetric ward somewhere near you. Be afraid…….

She signed off her e-mail not with her own name or initial or a nice smiley face as usual,  but with the word ‘Viola’. What did this mean? I asked her sisters, her brother, my husband, her aunt and not one of them came up with a suggestion that successfully shut me up.

The mystery has been prowling around in my sleeptime, bathtime and QVC time .   Viola – what was the hidden gynaecological meaning? 

Viola begins with the letter V – was it  an obscure street name for lady parts?

‘La La’ is used to describe ladies ‘hidden gardens’ in some circles – could it be somehow connected to that?

Was the ‘ola’ a nod and a wink to the female anatomy with the letter ‘h’ left out for subtlety? YES, I do know what subtlety is.

 Or was it a celebratory ignore the ‘Vi ‘and concentrate on the ‘Ola!’ to indicate she had successfully found her way around that particular body part and was moving on up to ovaries?

Or was it  something  darker anddeeper? An alarm call ? Did she perhaps  feel that gynaecology in the NHS somehow viola-tes women?

Finally, thoroughly beaten by the meaning of her use of the word Viola, I asked her to explain.

Voila – she meant Voila – and the word was followed on the line beneath by her bank account details.

5 comments to Viola-la?

  • Ha ha! Love it. There’s nothing like a good vowel confusion to cheer me up something rotten.

  • Diddy

    LADYGARDEN ????????

  • Anna May

    Fran, I wasted so much brainpower on trying to figure out…..nothing !

    Diddy, it’s a medical term, you wouldn’t understand.

    Anna May x

  • Julie Pereira


  • Julie Pereira

    Annamay – just in case you think I’ve mastered Norwegian (see above) my last comment was a “test” as I couldn’t send comments.

    I think you mean “vag-jay-jay” as that’s what Oprah calls her. I cannot imagine inserting my hand into a plastic younknowwhat. I always thought the reason I couldn’t be a doctor was because I didn’t like blood but now I know the real reason.