Git That

I am in the queue at the pharmacy counter in my local supermarket behind a sweet little old lady. You know the type – lilac hair and cardigan, flowery shopping bag. “Two packs of glycerine suppositories, please, dear.”

“What’d you say?” asked the bored lad on the other side of the counter. She told him again and this time he pulled a face and shook his head, “You what?”  He  asked the lady to repeat her request three times by which time she was shouting “GLYCERINE SUPPOSITORIES ” so loud the shoppers at the deli counter on the other side of the store knew what she was after.

He took a walk behind the counter and came back empty handed. “The pharamacist wants to know why you need two packs.”

She was genteel. You could tell from the even tone in her reply, “To save me a bus journey when I run out, dear.”

He found the items and had a huddled conversation with the pharmaicst before handing them over.

“Only use one at a time” the seventeen year old told the seventy year old as he handed them over.

“Is that right?” replied the lady, “And I usually have two with my cocoa you stupid little git ” before stepping away from the counter with a sweet smile on her face.

3 comments to Git That

  • Julie Pereira

    she sounds like feisty old dear – it’s not nice to abuse a young man earning some money. I also thought you could use two suppositories at once!

  • Anna May

    Julie, eat plenty of fibre so you never have to grapple with said item(s)…..

    Anna May x

  • Pauline

    Yay! Three cheers for the lilac-haired brigade (I work for Age UK, so cheering for them is in my job description). Julie, it is absolutely right to correct patronising young gits – how else will they learn NOT to be patronising old gits in future?

    Although, come to think of it, I’d have saved my ire for the pharmacist who told the assistant what to say.