Tufty and the Top Ten

I am in the Top Ten ! Not  of the Top of the Pops variety – SHAME  because I’d look memorable in a pair of gold Kylie hot pants – but the top ten of the 2010 Pitch Up competiton.

The top ten (did I mention I am in there?) in the contest  get to pitch their unique TV idea to a panel of big cheese industry professionals,  hope I’m not there as the crackers .

I can’t tell you what I am pitching about because it’s secret until the night, but I can tell you the event is held at The British Academy of Film and Television Arts in Piccadilly which gives me a big what to wear pain in the ass.

I used to go to BAFTA every night. Every night for three years and I wore the same thing;  black waistcoat, black skirt, black tie,white shirt.  That was when I was a student and worked behind the bar. Well, I worked when I wasn’t too starstruck to pour wine and  wasn’t standing and staring instead.

I have another issue which could impact on my enjoyment of the night. My hormone steeped hair has grown a vertical Tuft. It’s curly and clips doorframes when I pass through. There isn’t a product in creation that will keep this seven inch column of hair flat to my head , I know this becauseI have spent all I have in Trade Secrets trying to find one. At my request my husband hid the scissors  this morning so I don’t cave in to the  urge to lop it off – but this afternoon it is so erect that I am considering sawing it off with the bread knife.

10 comments to Tufty and the Top Ten

  • Julie Pereira

    Well done on your shortlisting for the “Pitch” event – very exciting adn brilliant. How posh to be at BAFTA in Picadilly and not a waitress. I have a vision of you in gold hot pants withi hair like Tin Tin at the moment. Don’t take the breadknife to you hair – you’ll look totally bonkers. Just get a gold ribbon (to match your pants) or cover it in a sock. Hormones are evil.

  • Diddy

    I remember Tufty he was for crossing roads

  • Jan

    That’s a real achievement to be in the top ten. Perhaps your hair is just excited for you and can’t contain itself. Good luck Anna x

  • Anna May

    Hi Julie, I’ll have to restrain myself from doing the washing up this time and yes they are EVIL.

    Diddy, showing your age without shame!

    Jan, thank you. Haircut/chop booked for next week and I am walking there – no planes needed.

    Anna May x

  • Well done! And at least when you go to the ceremony you won’t have to wear impossible heels to look tall like all the other celebrities do. You can just rely on the hair.

  • Spock has his ears, Harry has his lightening scar and you have a tuft———– you’re in good company !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anna May

    Fran and Moya, I’m thinking that you are not sharing my pain……

    Anna May x

  • bobbie

    Brilliant! Well done and good luck for the final!

  • Thanks Bobbie, my tongue melts with fear when I have to speak in public so I’m not holding out any hope.
    Anna May x

  • Debbie

    Congratulations Annamay – time to polish the Oscar bling!

    p.s. cut the tuft… there’s no other way to deal with. I normally get two tufts that resemble devil horns. Thank goodness for GHD.