My friend has a teenage son Adam who describes his life as ‘party central’. He’s recently finished his A2’s and goes to bed when the rest of the world is getting up. Beer not blood runs through his veins. Until yesterday he got away with everything and anything by employing a wink and a cheeky smile –  but  now he is in trouble and will be there for some time to come…..

One night last week Adam went to a night club ten miles away from home. He danced, he drank, he laughed and after closing time  ended up  asleep in a bush without any money for a cab home. Using his mobile he called home, at 4.15am, and asked to be picked up.

Trouble was he was seeing double and didn’t call home. By mistake he called Doreen,  the neighbour.  Her number was put into Adam’s phone by his mum a couple of years ago for lost key/locked out after school episodes, of which there have been many. 

Believing there must be a very good emergency style reason for Adam to be  calling her and not his parents in the middle of the night Doreen  climbed out of bed, got dressed and into her car to go and pick him up.  She says she noticed that as she drove away all seemed to be well next door. The house was quiet and their car was parked on their front drive.

When she found Adam he was worse for wear and not at all chatty. He did say “Cheers!” when she pulled up and replied “Cool” when Doreen asked if everything at home was OK.

When the Neighbour of the Year got home  it was so close to getting up time she didn’t bother going back to bed and went straight to work. Several times over the next few days she saw her neighbours over the garden fence and in the street. They smiled and waved but no-one said thank you or explained why she had been cabbing their drunken son in the early hours. Doreen, 62, said she felt a little  tired and a lot peeved.

Then, yesterday after her late night wake up call Doreen found her mortified,  red faced neighbours on her doorstep bearing a huge bunch of flowers. Because an hour earlier their son had asked, “How come you sent Doreen to pick me up the other night?”

8 comments to Taxi!

  • Diddy

    I need Doreen’s number

  • That is a great story. Doreen is an angel in disguise. I’d love to have been there the moment the parents discovered the awful truth …

  • Anna May

    Diddy, it’ll cost you

    Fran, what happened when the penny dropped – that was my first thought !

    Anna May x

  • Julie Pereira

    I can’t believe Doreen didn’t ask her neighbours (politely) when she saw them why she was out and about in the dead of night and they were tucked up in their jim jams in the land of nod! Flowers? They should pay her mortgage off.

  • Debbie

    Oh the joys of being young and irresponsible.
    Has Doreen’s number been removed from Adam’s phone?

  • Anna May

    Julie, spoken like someone who loves her beauty sleep!

    Debbie, I’d guess Doreen saw to that herself!

    Anna May x

  • I can actually hear fingers rapidly typing the numbers of unsuspecting neighbours into their off spring’s mobiles!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Hahaha Moya, worth a try !

    Anna May x