Boo Hoo for Stella

I can’t stand Snotting Hill celebrities with kids  in top fee paying schools who BLEAT about how difficult their state school/private school choice was to make.  Oh, and how much their social conscience hurts them.

I feel their pain – in my ass. Can you hear me Stella McCartney ?

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  • Diddy

    Hip Hip

  • Debbie


  • Elise

    Hi Anna May

    I’ve found another use for my paper clips – clamping her lips together.

  • Weird! Why fret? Hasn’t she got enough on her plate with 3 going on 4 under 4? Any normal parent does the best they can. If you can afford a good school, go for it, if not, it isn’t the end of the world. Whichever way, just get on with it.

    Also, there are lousy fee paying schools and fantastic state schools, and vice versa. Similarly for any given school, private or state, there will be some children who are desperately unhappy and some that thrive.

    So where did you go to school Anna?

  • Pauline

    Aw, Anna May, give the woman a break! It’s not only the Yummy Mummies of Notting Hill who face this dilemma. I was lucky – I live in the catchment area of an excellent state school, but my sister had to choose between the failing state school with metal detectors at the gates, or go private.

    Is Stella McCartney, purely by dint of being a rich celebrity, not permitted to have a social conscience? Or is it just the bleating that gets your goat? In which case, fair comment, although what else do you expect from the Daily Mail?

  • Diddy – do you mean Stella’s hip, hip?

    Debbie – thank you

    Elise – Welcome and I’m sending the paperclip police over to raid your office……

    Hi Sophie, I am the product of an all girls convent school where we had indoor and outdoor knickers as part of our uniform!

    Pauline. my annoyance is self inflicted, I know. I need to stay off the Daily Mail website – it messes with my head. And it’s 1000% her bleating that gets me.

    Anna May x

  • This from the woman who charges £300 for a plain skirt. Oh the struggle of it all, Stella. Life is so hard for you. Grrrrrrrrrrrrr.

  • Hi Nuala,

    All whingers should get hefty fines that could be redistributed to the likes of me and you !

    Anna May x