Boo Hoo for Stella

I can’t stand Snotting Hill celebrities with kids in top fee paying schools who BLEAT about how difficult their state school/private school choice was to make. Oh, and how much their social conscience hurts them.

I feel their pain – in my ass. Can you hear me Stella McCartney ?

Personal Shopper

On the gallop at the moment, but I have to share something I heard yesterday.

A woman who ordered two packs of pantyliners in her weekly on-line grocery shop got a note with her delivery apologising that they were currently out of stock. BUT they had been replaced with a similar item to minmise any […]

Tufty and the Top Ten

I am in the Top Ten ! Not of the Top of the Pops variety – SHAME because I’d look memorable in a pair of gold Kylie hot pants – but the top ten of the 2010 Pitch Up competiton.

The top ten (did I mention I am in there?) in the contest get to […]


My friend has a teenage son Adam who describes his life as ‘party central’. He’s recently finished his A2’s and goes to bed when the rest of the world is getting up. Beer not blood runs through his veins. Until yesterday he got away with everything and anything by employing a wink and a cheeky […]