Blisteringly Good

Yesterday ay Wimbledon I discovered another good  reason to be a vegetarian. Sitting on Centre Court in searing sunlight without any shade  I now know what a chicken in a hot oven would feel like. I know that makes limited sense because the roasting chicken would already be dead, but my brains got sunburnt yesterday so cut me some slack…..

I  tried to stay cool and wore a big floppy hat but it wilted in the heat and the brim ended up blocking my view and chafing my chin so I had to take it off.

Highlights were that my bag of jumbo sized chocolate buttons oozed into chocolate sauce within minutes of sitting down and made a very good hot dip for the Coconut Mushrooms – see previous post. Also that we were ‘buggied’  from our car parking space to the  entrance which made me laugh out loud all the way for no particular reason, and that was before I suffered heatstroke.

Federer, Murray and the divine red-knickered Serena Williams didn’t even break sweat as they thundered about  Centre Court.  But I, sat down, was paddling in it within thirty minutes. And I can confirm that perspiration-heavy wet linen (as worn by the row of Camilla lookie likies behind me) smells of green beans cooking even when very posh and previously fragrant people  wear it. Make up melts, too, I found mascara streaks and strawberry kiss lipstick marks on my hands, forearms and cleveage when I peeled my clothes off last night.

The stewards politely requested that anyone  who was going to faint because of the heat gave them plenty of prior warning before  keeling over,  and my sister’s nose got kissed too hard by a sunbeam which is why today she is sporting a Wimbledon blister with pride. It’s like a mini tennis ball and a reminder of our perfect day.

5 comments to Blisteringly Good

  • I remember your Coconut Mushrooms from last year! How time flies. And choc button dip? Genius!

  • Debbie

    So it was roast chicken with green beans and coconut mushrooms in chocolate sauce…. Are you sure you were watching tennis yesterday?

    A mini tennis ball blister on your sister’s nose? This I’ve gotta see 😀
    (not sure if eyeballing your boss’s nose is the done thing though!)

  • I could smell that linen. And talk about creased! But it sounds as though you enjoyed yourself. Coconut mushrooms are always a great compensation.

  • Pauline

    Glad you had a good time and some good memories. On balance, sunstroke and blistered noses are better than a downpour and no tennis. But, being a practical soul, I’m still trying to work out how the brim of your floppy hat was chafing your chin. Possibly all that over-stretching into the row behind you to check out where that dreadful smell of green beans was coming from?

  • Hi Nuala, what can I say? I’m an addict……

    Debbie, food glorious food! And a blister update – today it is a scab.

    Fran, Crimbo and Wimbo my best times of the year!

    Pauline, my hat collapsed and the front of the brim flopped all the way to my chin. I’m taking it back to Primark to get my 99p back.

    Anna May x