Bed Shoes

I am Wimbledonnning on Monday and spent some time today doing a dry run of getting out the front door on time. I hate to miss a minute of my favourite day of the year so I like to think ahead.  Almost all is as it should be – my Coconut Mushrooms (refridgerated because of the warm weather) are squidgy without being soggy, my binoculars (for picking apart whoever is in the Royal Box) are polished and my wet wipes are…..wet.

My new shoes are the only problem. They are natty navy coloured suede peeptoe wedges with ankle straps. Quite Betty Boo I think and they definitely make my feet look young.

The only problem is I can’t put them on alone because the buckles are too far to the side of the shoe and my eyesight (poor) and general dexterity (poorer)  won’t allow me to twist, bend and do them up blind with one hand. The Suede straps are thick and the part of the buckles they tuck under is very thin and the operation requires precision, double joints or another pair of hands to get them in nicely.

Trouble is on Monday morning I will be alone in the house bar the dog. He’s smart but paws and buckles don’t mix.

So I’ve decided  to employ human help getting the shoes buckled up on Sunday night, and then sleep in them. I was never a Girl Guide but, golly brown owls, I would have been excellent at the ‘be prepared stuff’ wouldn’t I?

7 comments to Bed Shoes

  • I would ring the Guide Dogs for the Stiff Association. I believe they supply labradors with special skills in doing up shoes.

  • Pauline

    The shoes sound fabulous, but not fabulous enough to forego the morning shower – I don’t think suede is waterproof. How about wearing another pair there and then employing a ball-boy or ball-girl when you get there to do the decent thing and strap you in? Have fun!

  • I think it was Louis 14th of France who had vast numbers of servants employed to help him with daily life——- candle holder , door opener, taking clothes off servant and putting clothes on srevant——— I bet that if I did a bit of family detective work you and he would be connected!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Debbie

    It’s for that specific buckle reason that there are certain types of shoes I don’t end up buying…..

    Suggestion – you might need put your shoes on at the gate with a little help from you friends. I’m sure the promise of chilled coconut mushrooms (btw – what are those??) will suffice.

  • Jan

    Ah I know the feeling only too well. Certain body parts get in the way of the bending down process so I only wear slip on shoes. Hope you enjoyed the tennis – lucky you. BTW have you thought of having those coconut mushrooms with strawberries and cream?

  • Roisin

    Now is around the time you should be checking into a care home…

  • Fran, I’m NOT stiff, just…… I’ll get back to you

    Pauline, I had a shower kneeling with three carrier bags tied around each foot. Not easy.

    Moya, suits me and we’ll all eat cake!

    Debbie, Cocunut Mushrooms are organic, sugar free and a 100g of them counts for four of your five a day. Ask any sweetie shop owner.

    Jan, I am scared I might soon end up in velcro shoes…..

    Roisin, as soon a my children are solvent and can foot the bill that’s where I’m heading – the Champneys Care Home.

    Anna May x