Hair Miles

I AM a centrefold.  See here………

Today’s Daily Express carries my ‘Hair Miles’ story about women who need a passport or a full tank of petrol just to get a haircut.

They were all lovely to interview and I won’t have a word said about any of them. Especially the lady who has already made and paid for an appointment after her death so that her hairdresser can make her gorgeous for the afterlife.  She was  my favourite.

7 comments to Hair Miles

  • Brilliant piece! I think lots of people will identify with this. I’ve twice had hairdressers that I will travel an hour or two to see. I only have a simple bob, but it is amazing how many hairdresers can mutiliate it. And a nightmare haircut is utter misery for weeks, I still shudder thinking about a couple of disasters both of whihc were 20 or more years ago.

  • Jan

    A very interesting article Anna. And I was upset when my hairdresser moved from Harrow to Northwood. Some of those women were a bit extreme though and perhaps need their heads looking at rather than their hair!

  • Julie Pereira

    Jan – where’s your hairdresser in Northwood? I loved your article and thought at first they were “nutty noras” but then thought I’m one of them i that I spend a fortune snipping and dying my locks and I go to separate places to do both that involves a car, tube and bus journey. I am amazed that one woman drove through the night and another comes from Dubai – that’s “hair raising”!

  • Wow you are a centre fold——- I hope the staples were strategically placed to preserve your ************!

  • Hello Sophie, I am sorry to hear that your bob is simple!

    Jan, my mum would have said their bumps need feeling……

    Anna May x

  • Jan

    Just taking a plane now to get my hair done in Northwood – Julie it’s Ellie @ Hairshare in the old High Road – know it?

  • Anna May

    Julie, Let me guess – do you have Cheryl Cole hair after all your travails ?

    Moya, fear not. My only piercings are in my ear.

    Jan, remember your flight socks.

    Anna May x