Elvis, Eurovision and Pushkin

This is a blog-lite because I am getting ready to go to dinner tonight in a Greek restaurant that has an Elvis impersonator working the tables. I am all shook up because I can’t zip up a skirt I bought this time last year. 

My Spotzilla (see recent post of same name) has matured into a shirt button size red disc that is clinging to my nose tip.

We don’t take Eurovision seriously enough, that’s why the UK never win. I bumped into a couple of Romanian friends yesterday at 2pm. They had finished work especially early and were going home to hang decorative lights in their front room, wash their hair, change into their best  clothes and cook the fish that was raw in a Tesco bag when I met them and so big they were sharing the weight between them – and all in homage to Eurovision.

I am in charge of Pushkin again, my neighbour’s cat,  for one night only whilst she pursues the unique joys of the Horn in Aldeburgh. His mummy handed me her house keys like she was giving me a gift and said “Someone has been attacking Pushkin.” At the same time she was goggle-eyeing my cat who had a fresh dead mouse in her mouth that made her look like she was pussy smiling. “Oh dear, who could be doing that?” I asked her. She nodded in the direction of my cat and said darkly, “I have no evidence.”

6 comments to Elvis, Eurovision and Pushkin

  • I’ve had Europarties in the past, mainly so we can drink wine and laugh ourselves stupid at Terry Wogan’s commentary. Now he’s not doing it any more I’m not so motivated. But my daughter texted me to say, ‘Are you watching? You’ll love Iceland’s fat lady.’ What DID she mean?

  • Diddy

    A warm welcome back to Pushkin

  • Anna May

    Fran, THAT woman made the volcano look like a size 10.

    Diddy, big OK Yah for Pushkin.

    Anna May x

  • Julie Pereira

    Graham Norton should have started drinking earlier as he was so polite for an hour or so then I think he had a big swig of something and then let rip so that’s when Eurovision got good. I loved the whole spectacle – three hours of insane people singing bonkers song wearing barmy outfits. the Iceland woman’s dress was nothing compared to Niamh from Ireland who looked like a purple truck or the Spanish man who looked like he couldn’t work out where he was. Bring back Katie whathername from the 70’s with everyine giviung nil points all round. I remember Dana winning with All Kinds of Everything.

  • Toothpaste for the spot. Ear plugs for Eurovision and teach your dog to bare his teeth and growl ferociously whenever Pushkinn’s owner appears.

  • Anna May

    Moya thankyou – so that’s toothpaste for the dog and a growl for Eurovision and ……..?

    Julie, wine for Eurowhine!

    Anna May x