Elvis, Eurovision and Pushkin

This is a blog-lite because I am getting ready to go to dinner tonight in a Greek restaurant that has an Elvis impersonator working the tables. I am all shook up because I can’t zip up a skirt I bought this time last year.

My Spotzilla (see recent post of same name) has matured […]

Taxis and Truants

The cab driver who turned up to to take me to the BBC Radio 5 Live Studio tonight opened the car door for me, helped me diddle with the seat belt and called me a very pretty lady. He undid all his good work in a stroke by saying I reminded him very much of […]


I was going to cancel my volunteering session at the hospice today – because I have a spot on the end of my nose. It wasn’t a health and safety issue or anything like that. It is very well secured to my nose and wasn’t about to drop into the jelly and ice cream I […]

Barter and Garter

I am a supermarket tart, I shop around, and today I was trollied up in Asda when there was a power cut.

All the lights went out, the tills fell silent and a bunch of suits appeared and stood shoulder to shoulder shouting into walkie talkies (most likely) to one another.

I headed to the […]

Hair Miles

I AM a centrefold. See here………http://www.express.co.uk/posts/view/175521/Meet-the-women-who-travel-huge-distances-for-hair-appointments

Today’s Daily Express carries my ‘Hair Miles’ story about women who need a passport or a full tank of petrol just to get a haircut.

They were all lovely to interview and I won’t have a word said about any of them. Especially the lady who has already made […]

Booty Contest

Last week in the right corner of the BBC Radio 5 Live studio there was an ex editor of a lads mag whose name I can’t remember. Let’s call him Bloke Blokey and in the left corner there was me. And what were we sparring about? Whether the swimwear section is an essential part of […]

Salad Nights

Last night I went to see a play called Little Gem at The Bush Theatre. It’s an intimate space and I blubbed all over it. The writing and the performances clobbered me. The show was one hour and forty minutes long, no interval, and it felt like less than fifteen minutes. The three actresses who […]

Back Seat Boo Boo

Yesterday we took a divide and conquer approach to our shopping. I did the supermarket sweep and my husband did the garden centre. He promised he’d be waiting for me in Tesco’s car park when I was done. What that actually means is that he would be parked in the space furthest away from […]