Take It Lying Down

I wore several different tops today. A floral chifffon number, a hungarian folk dancing inspired black and white sensation, a scoop neck jersey jobby with sequin bugle beads around the neck and a symphony in cerise silk  with frills.  There were more but I don’t want to give full details of my Spring/Summer collection just yet……. a slow reveal will be more exciting for you. If you really can’t wait check out QVC and Florence and Fred clearance sections.

The reason I wore so many tops ?  Not because I was flying Ryanair and trying to reduce the weight of my baggage, which I admit I have done in the past, but because I was having a session with a top, top photographer – Charlie Hopksinson.  He was booked by my publishers Virago to take the publicity photos for my upcoming book,  ‘Me and Mine’ due for publication in February 2011.

1812 Overture, Mexican Wave, Conga, The Can Can and Riverdance – MY BOOK – that’s right. 

It was actually my second session with Charlie because the 300 odd frames taken in the first shoot (done a month) ago didn’t quite measure up. The man’s a genius with a camera, see for yourself at  http://www.charliehopkinson.com/ so not producing a goodie from 300 frames has got to be all about me, right? He told me today that he has never before had to revisit a job.  I am unique, it’s official. And I can’t even blame my bum because he was only snapping me from the shoulders up.

First time around I had packed a bag with my carefully ironed and thrice tried on Spring /Summer 2010 collection. When I got to the Little Brown offices, where I was meeting Charlie, I dashed into the loo to freshen up and dumped my bag which was unzipped onto the sink.  Surprise! Their taps have automatic sensors, and a jet of water sploshed down onto my clothes. That would have been ideal if the clothes in my bag had been on fire,  or if I was preparing for a Miss Wet T Shirt calendar shoot, but I wasn’t. I think Charlie got 300 examples of dismay, and not Anna May, in the photographs that followed.   

Today as I was about to leave home I got a good luck with your photos telephone call from my sister.  “Don’t do that thing with your mouth, will you?” she pleaded. Two hours later in Charlie’s studio he said, ” Anna May, please don’t do that thing with your mouth.” Do you think the pair of them have a psychic link? Or do I, maybe, do  something with my mouth when a camera lens is pointing at it?

The last time she needed a passport photo my sister lay flat out on my sitting room floor and got my daughter to stand over her with a camera and photograph her from above . She said this  is a well known technique to make  your chin(s) vanish and your crow’s feet take flight. That made me smile.

10 comments to Take It Lying Down

  • Debbie

    I think it’s time to break the news very gently to you sister that nothing removes a person’s chin/s apart from good ol’ photoshop or strategically placed lights…. I’m talking from experience.

    P.S pre-ordered my copy of your book last night so February 2011 best hurry up and come round.

  • No, I like your sister’s approach. It’s also a great way to make your jeans look as though they fit.

    A book! How exciting!!

  • Pauline

    I’m trying to remember at what point I stopped beaming at the camera and started hiding from it – during my teenage years, probably. In latter years, I have taken to doing that ‘executive board member posing for the annual report’ look, with head resting on one hand in a purposeful but confiding manner. All the better for pushing that sagging chin out of sight and creating an instant face-lift, I find.

    I have added ‘Me and Mine’ to my Amazon wish-list, which is a sort of pre-pre-order, in the confident expectation that ‘An Irish Immigrant Family’s Story’ will be a little more cheerful than Angela’s Ashes.

  • Anna May

    Debbie, how about surgery – a chinectomy or chinosuction, maybe? And thank you for shopping ahead…..

    Fran, my elasticated waist jeans always fit. What are you trying to say?

    Pauline, ha – I know that look. And as the years pass you can progress to chin(s) resting on two hands! A big thank you for the pre-pre order.

    Anna May x

  • Diddy

    Flat Out Fotos – I feel a business opportunity coming on…..

  • bobbie

    Publicity photo-shoots are my idea of hell. I’ve had three and wanted to live in a cupboard for a week after each. And they were with friends. I don’t think I could face a professional. Brave you.
    I once put my bag down by a basin in a pub loo, and the auto-dispenser above it filled it with liquid soap.

  • Anna May

    Welcome Bobbie – very sud to hear of your soap incident ! Anna May x

  • Ginny Willis

    At least you don’t have to have a photo for a Freedom Pass yet.

    I must remember to wear Tena Lady pants when reading your blog! I just cannot contain myself!!

  • Ginny Willis

    Just noticed that you are ‘very sud to hear of Bobbie’s soap incident’ – was this a mistake or was it meant to be? I love these funny typos.

  • Anna May

    Ginny, Thanks. My ‘sud’ comment was intended but now you’ll have everyone wondering……
    Anna May x