The Grim Sleeper

Oscar is a five year old cat living in a Rhode Island nursing home who – FIFTY times in a row –  has slept on the bed of a resident who then dies a short time later. Staff are convinced that Oscar is  predicting who is next to pass away……

I’m no Miss Marple but I have a question ?  Are the staff  checking that Oscar isn’t sleeping at the top end of the bed across the  airways of the doomed residents ?

3 comments to The Grim Sleeper

  • No, you definitely are Miss Marple. The cat is the murderer. Gather everyone in the library, quick.

  • Anna May

    No can do Fran. It’s a nursing home – they’re all on on the commode. Commodes, that is.
    Anna May x

  • The cat is NOT the murderer – the cat is the weapon. The murderer is whoever is smearing catfood on the victims’ faces.