St Hat-tricks Day

I have just walked through a supertmarket foyer and seen two women with green faces dancing to a tape recording of Paddy McGinty’s Goat. They were related they told me and cackled, then demanded with menace that I guess how.

Judging by the way their joints were cracking as they danced I wanted to say ‘Great grandmother and great great grandmother?’ but I’m a yellow belly and instead ventured in with ‘Sisters?’. They seemed quite happy with that.

They pulled off a Celtic fashion headwear coup by combining a leprechaun buckle hat AND shamrock deelyboppers. As they jigged the pair shook  empty Guinness tins to collect from passers by. I think theywere  grey haired, green faced buskers, but I’m not sure because they stepdanced sideways away from me when I asked if they were collecting for a charity.

I gave them £2 for baffling me so completely.

9 comments to St Hat-tricks Day

  • Julie Pereira

    What a great scam – I can’t believe you gaev them money! I bet these gals are clinking glasses and toasting St Patrick in a bar with pints of Guinness. Either that or you need to see a doctor. Happy St Patricks Day!

  • Pauline

    Jealous. Not a leprachaun in sight at my supermarket, let alone shamrock deelyboppers. Surely worth £2 of anybody’s money for those alone, let alone Paddy McGinty’s Goat and the idea for today’s blog. A great ‘3 for the price of 2’ offer, if you ask me.

  • Pauline

    Jealous, now embarrassed. Cannot spell ‘leprechaun’. Am also sounding like Bridget Jones. V. bad.

  • Anna May

    Julie, If I went to the Doctor he/she would diagnose that I had been scammed.

    Pauline, true £2 was v v v good value for arthritic dancing – and yesterday I had 2900 cals btw.

    Anna May x

  • Diddy

    You were scamrocked on Paddy’s Day !

  • Anna-May I think this may have been an out-of -body experience. Check your body for possible probe type markings left by your green alien leprechauns— it happens all the time and to the least likely people.

  • Roisin Nagle

    Are you sure it wasn’t you and Julie dancing in front of a mirror?

  • This never happens at supermarkets near me. I’m obviously in the wrong part of the country. It reminds me of when a student I used to teach came in on St Patrick’s Day with green hair, swearing blind he had Irish antecedents and was celebrating. I sent him to the Head of Year. He turned out to be as Irish as I am, which is not at all.

    BTW, I’ve changed my blog address. I hope the new link works if you want it.

  • Diddy – guilty!
    Moya – Sadly no signs of probing…..
    Roisin – Hahaha
    Fran – one world and all that and I’ve swapped your link btw
    Anna May x