Hiawatha Hosiery

I thought ‘Mantyhose’  –  tights for men – were extreme.

But how about these from Wolford ? http://www.wolford-partnerboutique-w1-london.com/item.asp?pid=1217  Fringed tights at £199 a pair. If you can’t afford them but yearn to be on trend my tip is to wear cheap fishnets and don’t shave your legs until your below the knee, ahem, ‘fringing’  has grown to the required length.  

Wolford say these tights are 1920’s inspired,  but the photo makes me want to sharpen my tomahawk which I know is in my wigwam somewhere .

5 comments to Hiawatha Hosiery

  • I think your tip is the right one. As you suggest, there’s some irony in women shaving their legs so carefully in the mornings until they’re dead smooth – and then putting these on. They’re going to look SO ridiculous on a windy day!

  • “Ready-to-wear pants made of fatal tube material” – now that’s something you DIDN’T highlight.

    Brings to mind Spandex-and-Kryptonite kecks smuggled into Superman’s wardbrobe by Lex Luthor.

  • Debbie

    Forget the fringing and “look” – who in their right mind spends £199 on tights?

  • Julie Pereira

    I so agree with Debs – £199 for a pair of tights – ohmigod. As for the fringing I thought it was in the bit where the legs join the gusset but I think that might be tickley!

  • Pauline

    They looked familiar, and then I realised where I’d seen them before. I think Wolford took their inspiration from the outfit worn by Laila Rouass for the jive on Strictly Come Dancing. It wasn’t a good look then, either.