Dolly the Sheep and Woopert

I went to a free talk last week arranged by the BBC Writers’ Room about how to write for television drama series including Eastenders, Holby City, Casualty and Doctors. There were at least very keen 200 people there, all straining forward in their seats. 

 Queuing to get into the hall I had a Dolly the Sheep moment, because it was striking how all the aspiring writers looked the same. It was a facial hair free gathering, the twenty-somethings were all too young to shave, no stubble on the men or hormonal face whiskers on the women. But I ably compensated in that department. Make that over compensated.

And I wondered if everyone but me  had traded their tickets for a bag of BBC issue clothing at the door: a dark coat, inca inspired woolly hat worn at a jaunty angle, crepe soled boots and leather satchel seemed compulsory –  it was like a meeting of the Boden catalogue fan club . 

The BBC panel of experts enthused about their jobs and agreed that ‘real’ people are the best script writers.  They illustrated this point using Tony Jordan, one of the UK’s best known TV writers – he began his working life as a market trader. 

At this point the baby faced chap who was sitting next to me got very excited.   Earlier  he had introduced himself as Rupert – he had a lisp and actually said Woopert – but I knew what he meant. “That’s good news, I’m a market twader, too”  he whispered. “Oh, which one?” I asked. Woopert was stymied by  my question so I tried to help hi out with “Portobello? Camden?” 

Woopert adjusted his aztec print hat – which had slipped sideways slightly and was looking unjaunty – and said, “Stock, sweetie.” 

2 comments to Dolly the Sheep and Woopert

  • Julie Pereira

    Woopert sounds such a sweetie – bet he’s a jolly”Thock thader”. I have a vision off him looking like Wally from Where’s Wally!

  • I want to meet Woopert. He sounds gweat fun.