Tenner Lady

My 23 year old son went oop north this weekend to visit his cousin J, and stayed over at his ‘crib’, his trendy first independent post university home.

On Friday night the two lads partied until dawn and then slept till 3pm on Saturday. Before a second night on the lash they popped into visit the oldies – my brother and his wife – who kindly fed and watered them.

My son was horribly embarrassed when, as they headed out, my sister-in-law thrust £10 apiece on him and J to ‘treat themselves.’  He pleaded with her “No, please don’t” and “No! No! Please put it back. You shouldn’t really…..”

She gaily INSISTED he took the money and continued pressing it on him until my son was forced to say, “No really, you shouldn’t –  because that’s my wallet!”

Aghast my sister-in-law realised she had been doling out money to my son from his own wallet, and thrown in a tenner of his cousin’s cash for her own son, too.

When she’d finished laughing (and changed her underwear )she explained that my son’s wallet was the identical twin to her husband’s and within arm’s reach when the urge to give away free money washed over her.

She’s not on HRT.

5 comments to Tenner Lady

  • Julie Pereira

    isn’t it great to be generous with someone else’s money! The sheer embarassment of having to tell her it was HIS wallet. #He could have accpeted it and then found her purse and taken the money out but what if he was caught – that would have been embarrassing.

  • I use the money from other people’s wallets all the time. It isn’t half a good way of staying solvent yourself. I recommend it.

    The story made me laugh. Especially the reference to the underwear ….

  • Wasn’t his aunt head girl at Fagin’s Finishing School in East London?

  • Anna May

    It was an honest mistake., otherwise she would have given then £20 each ?
    Anna May x

  • Pauline

    How kind of your sister-in-law. As you say, an honest mistake, but your son should also be very grateful because it sounds as if he would otherwise have left his wallet behind, had she not picked it up.

    Erm, I’m assuming that ‘within arm’s reach’ does not extend to your son’s trouser pocket…