White or Wrong ?

I had a big ding dong on the radio last night with Julian Bennett from the TV programme ‘Queer Eye for the Straight Guy’. His views on what women MUST do to stay attractive for their men were yabadabadoo stone age stuff.

Julian’s Eleventh Commandment decrees that furry pits, hairy legs, getting old, not dyeing grey hair and generally  ‘letting yourself go’ are mortal sins – but only if you were born with a fanny. 

 His argument imploded when he claimed that David Gest, Paul McCartney and Andrew Neil all look fandabadozi with their assorted hair dye disasters. And George Clooney and Tom Jones are silver foxes. But any woman with grey hair – unless she is Julian’s mum because it really suits her – is an old dog.

Julian was a jolly and likeable misogynist.  Our verbal rut was so spirited that the presenter Stephen Nolan was able to enjoy an unscheduled cup of coffee as we slugged it out and afterwards suggested the pair of us should get our own show…down.

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  • Roisin Nagle

    That interview was wonderfully catty.

  • He was a scream. I’d like to have a drink with him only it would take a fortnight to get ready to meet his standards !
    Anna May x

  • I wonder how he’d fare if he spent a week blindfolded! Without the immediate visuals he may well “SEE” people very differently.

  • My kids keep suggesting I get my grey hairs done. But as long as they’re only in the armpits, I don’t see why I should.

  • Fran, you have confessed to grey armpit hair ? Quick, hide in the attic because Julain will be sending the style police to come and take you away!
    Anna May x

  • That’s okay. I could do with a holiday of some kind, any kind, don’t mind.

  • A “jolly and likable misogynist”? Okay, I guess I have met some lovable racists. (Some in my own family.)

    I am getting a little tired of how we look being decided by so-called experts. Is it just me or do these makeover shows end up making women indistinguishable from one another? And how long are women going to allow the grooming of their lady-bits to be dictated by partners who have grown up with unlimited access to porn?

  • To anyone who insists that grey-haired women should hit the dye bottle immediately, I say just two words; Emmylou Harris.

  • Anna May

    Hi Persephone, I know – it’s a contradiction but Julian WAS a funny, albeit misguided, guy. And he said he loves his mum. Aaaah!
    I’ve never seen his particular makeover show but the genre is all about cloning which is essentially dull.

    Mike – long live Emmylou !

    Anna May x

  • Pauline

    Just found your hilarious blog – love it.

    This sounds like it was an interesting discussion. I’m with you on the ‘staying attractive for men’ bit belonging with the Flintstones, but what about making an effort for your own self-esteem? Or is that essentially part and parcel of the same mindset?

    Which leads me to – where do you stand on Gok Wan?

    PS – Mea culpa, but George Clooney IS a fox and I have my hair highlighted. Will I be black-balled by the Feminist Club?

  • Anna May

    Hello Pauline and welcome !

    Let’s get one thing clear – George Clooney is MY fox.

    And as for Gok Wan – if we went shopping together I think my finger would end up in his eye.

    Anna May x

  • Debbie

    I was wondering since reading this particular thread, the woman who went Tesco’s in her jimmy-jams would be mentioned….
    She went pj-walking about the time this thread was written.

  • Gok is my hero! Any man that can maintain that level of false campness, purely to facilitate his hobby of feeling up women deserves respect… or is this the wrong audience for that kind of gag? 🙂

    Tesco’s PJ lady was apparently only buying fags – so that’s okay then!

    I didn’t hear the interview – looks like it would have been worth listening to.

  • Anna May

    Hello Glen, ALL jokes welcome here.

    Tesco are never dull. They stopped an old man from buying lemons recently on the grounds that they could be dangerous if he chucked them at someone, and made a 22 year old girl produce ID before she was allowed to buy a slice of cheese and onion quiche.
    Then along came the pj’s ban – and my daughter saw someone in her local Tesco wearing and Slanket and shopping. What are they going to do about that. I wonder?
    Jury’s out on Gok.
    Anna May x