Big Spender Small Seat

Went to the Menier Chocolate Factory to see the musical  ‘Sweet Charity’ which is tipped for a transfer to the West End.

My seat cost £27 and was a plank of wood so low to the floor that I sat with my cheekbones between  my knees. Numb-bumitis would have been a pleasure. I suffered maximus painius in my gluteus. Sitting there was like being in an advanced yoga position that had to be held for two and a half hours. Sting would have loved it.

Tamzin Outhwaite played Sweet Charity and she was willing – but not able. Too old for a start. Not ancient like Elaine Paige was in the last Palladium production of The King and I (dubbed The King and His Mum by one friend of mine who saw it) but too old to be cutesy and springy which is what’s needed for the ingenue Charity.

The ensemble were terrific and took my mind off my throbbing bum, but when Tamzin was donkey dancing around the stage on her own I was cringing for her.

Seats nought of of 10, production overall 5 out of 10.  Charity should stay at home.

5 comments to Big Spender Small Seat

  • ‘I suffered maximum painus in my gluteus’ … I dare you to go to your doctor and make that your opening line with a perfectly straight face.

  • I agree!! However you forgot to mention our fantastic starters at the restaurant and that it was great to have all (well nearly all) the family with us that night.

  • Anna May

    Fran, I should have gone to the box office and reported my ailment there – I might have got a refund.

    Moya, I agree the starters were the high point of the evening – until they gave me a chest infection because I shared mine with a pox sufferer……

    Anna May x

  • Julie Pereira

    I too had seat issues whilst watching “Sweet Charity” – the man next to me has his thigh, knee and ankle touching my thigh, knee and ankle and I didn’t like that one bit. To be fair, that was because the seats were so small there was no alternative. During the interval I climbed to an empty seat in front which was lagain ike sitting on concrete blocks but at least no one was superglued to me. this all went on whilst Tamsin O, lurched about the stage making a whining noise trying to sing.Restaurant at the Menier was excellent but thought thr service was sullen but my food was ten out of ten,

  • Anna May

    Loving the comments – and so happy that no-one has yet suggested the problem wasn’t with the seat but with my something beginning with ‘a’ and ending in double ‘ss’!
    Anna May x