A Curly Christmas

It’s Christmas ! I know this because I went to a  candlelit Carol Service last night and as the orchestra played us out the double doors at the back of the Church were opened and there it was –  snow – jumbo white flakes against the navy blue sky .

 I’d had my hair cut and straightened earlier in the day with industrial strength GHDs, and guess what happened when the first snowflakes landed on my head ? I  instantly pinged back to being curly again. A small price to pay for a magical moment.

I wish everyone who reads this blog a truly wonderful Christmas, peace and pudding to you all,  and a happy and healthy 2010.  I’ll be back in the first week of January.


4 comments to A Curly Christmas

  • Merry Xmas, Anna May. Hope 2010 is a hugely successful literary year for you. Nu x

  • Debbie

    Merry Christmas & Happy New Year
    Looking forward to your 2010 blogs!

  • Anna May

    Nuala and Debbie – thanks for your good wishes and I wish you both all good things in 2010 x

  • Ginny Willis

    Wishing you a very happy spa-mistmas – I will save you a turkey leg – oh no, better not as you are a vegetarian. Snow balls are now on the menu. Have a great time. Is your new year’s resolution to hang up your nw Rigby and Pellar bra?