A Curly Christmas

It’s Christmas ! I know this because I went to a candlelit Carol Service last night and as the orchestra played us out the double doors at the back of the Church were opened and there it was – snow – jumbo white flakes against the navy blue sky .

I’d had my hair […]

A Christmas Joke….

What do you call a Telly Tubby that has been burgled ?

A Tubby.

Towelling Robes and Tinsel

I have unveiled this year’s Christmas surprise for my family. We will be off the sofas and spending three days at a Luxury Health Spa. No turkey will be spinning on my fist this year as I try and stuff it. Oh no.

Responses were mixed. My youngest daughter screeched with laughter “A Festive Fat […]

Rubber Bands and Sweaty Corgis

It was the sweat patches on his training t shirt that made me vote for Chris on last night’s Strictly.

He’s not hunky, but the little bloke is giving a very silly competition his all. So I confess I momentarily forgot he looks like a clog dancing corgi and dialled the number. I’m at the […]

All Clear Thinking

I’ve had cancer, twice. Both times it came as a complete surprise because I felt so well. I was always fine until they started to treat me, then my troubles started. The cancer conundrum.

First time around when I went back to hospital for the results of my post chemotherapy blood tests and bone marrow […]

A Final Bow Wow

So why do we think pretty bum Ricki was in the dance off again even though the two blow in judges, Dancy and Aleeeeeesha, gave him 10 points apiece and he was at the top of the scoreboard ?

I blame Natalie, his dance partner. She’s is steamroller with sequins who’d trundle over anyone […]

Bob the Burglar

Monday at 11am I heard someone knocking loudly on my neighbour’s front door. She is a mail order enthusiast and I have taken in several items for her in the past including a trampette, a leaf blower and one of those squeedgy on a tall stick things for cleaning streetlights and chimmney pots. But it […]