Strictly Shrieking

 Bee Gee-pers creepers ! The Gibb brothers looked freshly dug up on last night’s Strictly. Listening to them shrieking as if their testicles were being crushed  in a clamp fashioned by the devil himself was halloween hell-arious. 

Highlights from last night were Alesha suggesting that Chris should tape his mouth shut……….lead by example pleassssse.

Can deluded actors dance ? Discuss. Craig.

Ricky Groves has started to take himself seriously which is a shame especially when he danced last night like he was being followed around the dance floor by a swarm of bees on a go-slow.

I have knocked a red sequinned jumpsuit – with plunging neckline and cut away sides – off the list of outfits that I planned to buy for  a bit of Christmas partying.  Two reasons: I’d have to Immac my midriff and the lovely lithe Orla looked like a tomato coloured huffalump in hers.

3 comments to Strictly Shrieking

  • Debbie

    Thank goodness for catch up – I fastforwarded the whole Bee Gees sing-a-long session…..

    You will look fabulous in the red jumpsuit. I quite liked the feather duster on Zoe Lucker’s bum 🙂

  • Debbie, those feathers could be the reason Zoe lost – aerodynamics and all that. Thanks for the jumpsuit vote of confidence.
    Anna May x

  • Anna, your blog is always so funny and inspiring and actually worth being on the web! Well done! RM