Glitterballs and Sequin Straightjackets

Will there ever be a Strictly moment  like it again ? Rod Stewart  crackling and phlegming into the mike along with a bit of  pensioner pelvic thrusting whilst his wife Penny, wearing just a sparkly tshirt and high heels shimmies around in front of camera. Penny has great legs  and is able to shake her tush and be wholesome at the same time. The gal’s got talent. Make her a judge. The pair of them were so good it  made me want to eat my cheese and crackers early. Normally I save them until after the last dance.

Craig is being fitted for a sequinned straight jacket today and he and his community nurse will be cha-cha-chaing in a Church Hall near you very soon.  It’s the  ‘Of Course You Can Dance Craig Tour’  funded by NHS Direct..  Flavia is finally free from fear.

2 comments to Glitterballs and Sequin Straightjackets

  • Debbie

    I’m soooo pleased he’s gone. Now we don’t have to hear his “I want to make it Blackpool” sob story. For once Aleeeeeeeeeshya go’ i’ righ’ innit when she said “You are not as good as you think you are Craig.”

    Ali Bastian’s waltz was more yawn factor than x factor too or maybe I just don’t get that schmalzy smoochie dance stuff.

    But overall – an excellent night in Blackpool!

  • Anna May

    Debbie, I so agree about Ali. Her Viennese Waltz made me dizzy and I saw no wow factor at all.
    Anna May x