Gareth Malone’s Sandwich

My daughter who started at uni in September has just texted me, and it wasn’t about money or laundry……it was about Gareth Malone of ‘The Choir’ fame.  Gareth who makes me go gooey in an unmaternal way.

The big news is that today at 12.45pm Gareth was sitting outside Kings College London eating a sandwich !!!!!!

I have texted  her back IN CAPITALS demanding to know what sandwich filling Gareth had chosen, and was it shop bought or had he made his own and wrapped them in foil ?  Stay tuned  and I will let you know. ‘Tuned’, that’s a musical outro and a small tribute to  gorgeous, firm but fair Gareth.

1 comment to Gareth Malone’s Sandwich

  • Debbie

    I would love to share your stalker enthusiasm but I had to google Gareth Malone…..