Virginia Says……..

Virginia Woolf declared that before a woman can write she needs to ‘kill her domestic angel’  – I’m taking this an instruction from beyond the grave (and a literary genius) to tune out of any urges to do housework and get on with the ‘writin’.

Consider it done, Virginia.  I have to admit I am already a convert to the principle of choking any tendencies to get pinnied up in the bud. I clobbered my domestic angel years ago when I realised that nobody  in my house a) noticed or b) got listeria  if the tea towels weren’t washed and ironed and stacked in deepest colour first order. My kids think that clothes on the floor is boho-chic, not slobby, and as long as it’s not me picking them up I take the view that they can be as Sienna Miller as they like with their stuff.

What’s that famous saying about the essential qualities of a good wife?  Be  a whore in the garden,  a snorer in the bedroom and a slob in the kitchen – or something like that…….

ps: I have a friend who stacks her tea towels in alphabetical order.  She organises them by the first letter of their colour if they are plain and if they are patterned she arranges them, for example,  under ‘h’ for hedgehog or ‘p’ for poem. I’ve recommended she sees an exorcist but she thinks I’m joking.

3 comments to Virginia Says……..

  • Debbie

    I really think your friend does need help – that’s a whole new level of Monica.

  • Virginia Woolf, let us not forget, had servants. And she was mean to them. Maybe she literally meant ‘Kill your domestic angel AKA servant, when her low-class way of speaking irritates one.’
    I have read ‘Mrs Woolf and the Servants’. It almost turned me off our darling V. It’s a briliant read, btw.
    My house is a kip – housework is a very boring waste of time. ‘And Women with clean houses do not have finished books.’ Or so says Joy Held.
    As for your friend, I would kill myself if my life was that dull.

  • Debbie, Monica was genius – definitely my favourite ‘Friend’.

    Nuala, I want to read that book and let’s have a toast to greasy tea towels ?

    Anna May x