Bless – Part 2


Why did Tony Blair get a private audience to view the relics of St Therese of Lisieux at Westminster Cathedral as reported in the press today ?  Excuse the pun, but isn’t that entirely against the spirit of her visit to London ? A bit of queueing and a lot of reflection might well be the best thing  for his soul.

A friend of mine went to the Cathedral last night and stood in line  for over two hours waiting to go in. She overheard a woman behind her in the queue asking her husband  – who was going to fetch a takeaway from the nearby MacDonalds –  to see if there was a ‘MacRelic’ burger on sale.

2 comments to Bless – Part 2

  • Ahem – I think you got it the wrong way round. The relics of St Therese were granted a private audience with Saint Tony.

  • Julie Pereira

    I wonder if the burger was served with tomato relics?
    St Therese of Lisieux sounds like an amazing young woman from what I read about her.