Yeeeeeeeee ha ha ha! I went to see ‘Annie Get Your Gun’ at the Old Vic last night and got sore chops (chaps?) from smiling. New house rules have been negotiated – my husband can wear his socks to bed as long as he sings “I’m a bad, bad man” with a crooked smile as […]

I Want to Bleed Alone

I had an NHS blood test today in a leading London teaching hospital . The wait was long but I kept myself amused by terrorising other patients with my eyebrows. This was to make it clear that I was Number 86 and not one to be queue jumped without dire consequences. Number 52 was flashing […]

Navels and Jigs

By the time you pronounced their names properly – Michael Malitowski and Joanna Leunis – they had almost finished their high octane leg slinging Rumba. They are the indisputable champions of the world and they way they danced made me wonder if my Sky remote was stuck on fast forward. Yes, they looked a bit […]

Strop Shop Flop

My laptop has thrown a Brendan Cole (aka a strop) and won’t play by the rules, so I did an emergency dash to John Lewis for a new one last night.

I had 23 minutes before they closed and spent 12 of those dousing myself in Bobbi Brown and Versace fragrances and chose…… a 3 […]

Virginia Says……..

Virginia Woolf declared that before a woman can write she needs to ‘kill her domestic angel’ – I’m taking this an instruction from beyond the grave (and a literary genius) to tune out of any urges to do housework and get on with the ‘writin’.

Consider it done, Virginia. I have to admit I am […]

Strictly So What

It didn’t do it for me last night. For the first time EVER watching Strictly I was a teensy bit bored and wondering what was happening over on X Factor.

Two highlights were Kristina’s ensemble that made her look like she was wearing a nappy underneath a swimming costume and Laila’s Halloweeny Incy Wincy Spider […]

It Made Me Laugh…….

Q – What do you call a Spanish man who has recovered from Swine ‘Flu ?

A – Manuel


My Georgie Baby – that’s George Clooney to you – has had the bags under his eyes surgically removed. I am bereft. I suck on those bags in my dreams as he lies in my lap asking me if I am OK in his best Dr Ross from ER voice.

A lot of his […]

Bless – Part 2

Why did Tony Blair get a private audience to view the relics of St Therese of Lisieux at Westminster Cathedral as reported in the press today ? Excuse the pun, but isn’t that entirely against the spirit of her visit to London ? A bit of queueing and a lot of reflection might […]


I had my tonsils out when I was 6 years old and developed an infection that reached my imagination. In my semi conscious state I saw hairy red angels and leering clowns dancing around my bed. I was in hospital for weeks and my favorite aunt sat vigil by my bed reading aloud from a […]