The Dunwoody Dad Dancing Academy

Has anyone in the history of Strictly ever been so thrilled to be a terrible dancer as Richard Dunwoody? My advice is now that he’s been voted out  the man should open a Dad Dancing Academy, and keep taking the horse tablets because they are SO working.

Poor Lynda Bellingham. She  forgot she was on Strictly on Friday and dressed for Dancing on Ice . Bless. More Evening Primrose Oil and soya milk urgently needed in her dressing room.

I hope Craig Kelly has got his bags packed ready for next week – it’s not the dancing that’s bad, but his misplaced sense of injustice when he gets critiqued. Who does he think he is ? The Brendan Cole ?

Bolshy Brendan stepped in to defend Jo Wood(en) who’s a popsicle grandma with frozen legs who if she keeps doing what she’s doing could replace Fiona Phillips in my affections.

Alesha has decided to combine being a jaaadge with auditioning for Eastenders. Confusing the complainers is a good strategy. It worked on me.

4 comments to The Dunwoody Dad Dancing Academy

  • Julie Pereira

    I loved Richard Dunwoody’s jolly demeanour and think I shall place a bet on him next time he’s riding. He was so bad happy, happy, happy with his “Dad dancing”! I think some of them need to lighten up as it’s only a dance show – they’re not saving lives.

  • Diddy

    The judges should have given Dick more time to find his groove.

  • Debbie

    Two down – fourteen to go!
    Let the fun begin.

  • Anna May

    Debbie, Fourteen is not enough – why can’t Strictly be on EVERY Saturday with 52 couples ?

    Diddy – let’s start a bring back Dick campaign.

    Julie, Is saving lives more important do you think ?

    Anna May x