Princess Mick – How Low Can She Go ?

Princess Michael of Kent is the star turn on today’s Daily Mail online. I have never forgiven that right Ma’am for closing her electric car window on my nose when I tried sticking it into her Daimler for a good gawp. She was stopped in traffic close to where I was walking at the […]

Yellow is the New Red

This week I was photographed by a national newspaper squeezed into jeans that were so tight around my crotch that they made my high shine, cranberry kiss coloured lips purse. Cranberry Kiss being a shade chosn from the make-up artiste’s SUITCASE full of cosmetics.

My face looked like a giant banana with eyes because said […]

Beachy Head and Beansprouts

I stayed in a seafront hotel for my holiday, and paid extra for a sea view room which was a huge mistake. I should have paid double extra to sleep at the back overlooking the extractor fans which would have been quieter. I didn’t sleep because of the din from the Karaoke Bar […]