Good Times

Yay ! I made it into the Times today – hope I don’t need an appointment with my GP anytime soon.

The Times: Don’t trust me, I’m a doctor

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  • Dear Anna,

    I would like to ask why would you contribute to a anti-healthcare professional view when your own daughter is studying to be a doctor?
    There are billions of people in the world, many work in a profession that does not suit them.
    Therefore there ought to be bad doctors in every country but to degrade all doctors and dentists because there are a few unethical ones is unfair and unreasonable.
    When your daughter graduates and want to help people and she will find herself dealing with arrogance instead of respect and trust from patients, it is exactly the attitude fueled by articles like yours.
    Doctors, dentists – most of them – are devoted to the field and want to help people. They don’t deserve this constant scrutiny, they deserve respect – and that is one thing the media never promotes. Because of a few unethical (and most likely literally ill) doctors/dentists, everyone else pays the price.
    You see every day how hard your daughter studies…every day from a young age. This profession isn’t about her or any doctor/dentist – it is about the people, why can’t we show people that side of the coin?
    I have a website, where I give information for free to other colleagues. Simply because we have one common goal, to give the best to our patients.
    I hope you will make it to the newspaper with an article about health care that sends out a positive message.
    Kind regards,

    Marta D.

  • Hello Marta, and welcome to my blog.
    I accept that the vast majority of healthcare professionals are dedicated and hardworking, and as you say I have personal experiebce of just how hard they have to work in order to qualify. But my lighthearted piece was written to entertain and also to make the serious point that patients/clients shouldn’t leave their common sense in the waiting room when they enter the treatment room.

    Anna May x