Foam Truths

We took my daughter to university today. My husband enquired – in a strangulated voice – just how many outfits she needs to study Classics as he ferried her suitcases up two flights of stairs in her halls of residence.

On the drive there she asked a lot of questions about washing clothes and operating a washing machine and tumble drier. She has just spent 6 months in Asia getting all independent and I thought she had been doing her own laundry. Turns out she was paying a 77 year old thai lady £1 a load to wash, dry and iron  her clothing.

By my calculation that means she owes me £6935 already for laundry services. Nineteen years of love and devotion ? No charge. 

As we were leaving she was signing up to go to a Fresher’s Foam Party. I wonder if that might be a group laundrette induction and not the rave she is expecting ?

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