The Jordan Tell All/Tell Nothing Jig

Katie Jordan Price Andre  is entitled to keep schtum about her rape experience. It is her right to choose although my view is that to protect herself and other women from the mystery man in question, reporting her attack to the police would have been the right, albeit difficult, thing to do.

What puzzles me most about the media storm that has been whipped up by her  capricious comment/no comment stance is that – according the the newspapers – two detectives turned up uninvited on her doorstep last week. They were there to ask if she wanted to make a complaint. Same paper described Katie Jordan Price Andre as ‘mortified’ by their line of questioning and how she very firmly told them that she had nothing to say.

When was the last time two policemen turned up at your door on spec to ask if you maybe  had a crime you fancied reporting?

I know someone who called the police recently after a burglary in their home. 4 DAYS LATER a police officer arrived. If this victim of crime wanted a better service perhaps after dialling 999 she should have said in an M&S advertisement  style voice “This isn’t just any burglary….it’s a celebrity burglary.”

2 comments to The Jordan Tell All/Tell Nothing Jig

  • Julie Pereira

    Annamay – your blog reminds me of the story of the woman who spotted two burglars in her shed one night so called 999 and was told the Police couldn’t respond as they had no one in the area. She called then back 5 mins later to report that she has in fact now shot one of the burglars. Three patrol cars, five policeman and an ambulance arrived within minutes and a helicopter circled over head. One of the policeman asked where the shot burglar was and she said she hadn’t in fact shot him. The bemused policeman said “I thought you said you’d shot him?” to which she replied “I thought you said you couldn’t come?”.

    As for Jordan, she should have zipped it completely or unzipped her gob and told the police the identity. She needs a new PR team too.

  • Anna May

    …she was turning into public enemy number one last week until Alesha did her first judging stint on Strictly and took over from Jordan.
    Anna May x