Cat Flap

I have blogged before about my very posh neighbour who loves her  cat. If I saw her snogging that cat, I would not be at all surprised.

Yesterday I was heading home after walking my dog and bumped into proud-pussy-mummy in the street. She didn’t say hello. Instead she asked “Have you seen my cat?”

I answered “No.  Have you lost her?” 

“No” she answered with a puzzled smile.

Figure that out because I can’t.

3 comments to Cat Flap

  • Official World’s WORST Mrs Slocombe Impersonator.

  • Julie Pereira

    you and her obviously thinks the other’s a bit barmy now. which is quite clever really given the exchange was so short Why would anyone ask you that question if the cat wasn’t lost or dead? Next time you see her, you need to ask the exact same question and see what her response is. Even better, ask he is she’s seen HER cat.

    Blimey, this is getting complicated.

  • Anna May

    Now I have a book deal I think I’ll just move to Chelsea to get away from her !
    Anna May x