Bare Necessities

My 19 year old baby is off to University on Saturday and she has made a list of essentials to bring/buy. Stationery, pens, text books or 5 a day fruit and veg don’t feature anywhere on it.

So far it reads:  Magnifying Mirror, Thai Dipping Sauce, Apple Schnapps, Hair Straighteners, Student Loan letter,  Gold Stilettos and an Eyelash Curler.

I once told her she was eclectic. She thought I meant electric. I think we were both right.

I wish my lovely girl good friends and the best of times.

5 comments to Bare Necessities

  • Wishing her happiness and fun. Sounds like she’s got all the ingredients! x

  • Julie Pereira

    dont forget a wok (most things can be cooked in one), your laptop, a soft pillow and some good shampoo. Who needs pens for lectures?!
    Happy times!
    J. x

  • Thank you so much Caroline, and for linking which I have dittoed x

    Julie, good suggestions. I’d like to add a bucket to your list – good for both ends after partying if you don’t have an en suite in student halls x

  • Roisin

    This isnt what you were saying when you were dragging me round the cutlery aisle of asda by the hair this afternoon.
    But nonetheless how sweet

  • Amy

    Julie is so very right…a soft pillow is necessary for ALL your lectures.