Can I have your attention please ? I have an announcement……

I am the proud owner of a book deal for a family memoir due for publication in February 2011. My publisher is Virago.

This is proof that dreams can come true and that fifty is the new fabulous.


My brain is going into standby mode for a fortnight.

I plan to be a slack mouthed, novel reading, frizzy haired, shiny nosed layabout. Barring any flip flop accidents I’ll be back in two weeks.

White Coat Power

Went to see Avenue Q last night which was great fun and six of us laydeeees ate at Wagamama pre theatre. The chat got around to good beauticians. I was, I admit, still smarting from that whippet thin ‘booty’ therapist telling me I was bloated a few days earlier. For the full force of my […]

Grey Hey! Sing It….

Just been on Richard Bacon’s Radio 5 Live show for an hour – it whizzed by so fast it felt like less than 10 minutes – and we (Matthew Bannister who was standing in for Richard) chatted about to dye or not to dye (grey hair), karaoke and general banter which was livened up by […]

Down with Dairy

Never mind what the weather people say – there is a tornado on it’s way.

My dog and snake eating vegetarian gapper daughter is heading home from the other side of the world. One week from now I will be neck high in dirty laundry and arguing with her about everything from Plato to […]

Strictly Early….

Karen Hardy is for the chop on this year’s Strictly Come Dancing – could that be because her moves are ever so slightly farmyard ? She has a lovely smile but I’ve suspected for a while she’s dancing on trotters.

The poor woman should have got a free pass from the BBC for this year […]

Heels and Happiness

Went to Skylon, a buzzy bar/restaurant above the Royal Festival last night for celebratory drinks with my agent . Loved writing that so I am going to do it again………. Celebratory drinks with my agent. Dreams really do come true – more to follow- but nevertheless I have something to complain about. The Chairs.

The […]

Chainsaws and Earmuffs

My student daughters are currently working at a London Summer School taking care of children aged between 8 and 13 years old who have come from overseas to learn English and see the sights. It’s a fun job and a lot less wet than the one my niece and nephew ‘ooop north’ are doing in […]