Shoo Hoo Hah

He does it every time we go out – my husband asks “Are these OK to wear?” looking down at his trainers that are covered in fresh fox shite and wet grass from the most recent dog walk-athon and stale plaster dust and paint from an old DIY project. I answer him with a stare […]

Who’s There ?

Last night I found myself sat in a room in The Spiritualist Association of Great Britain’s HQ opening my head chakra to allow spirit folk to use me as a channel for their messages. This experience lasted an hour and cost £5 and came as a complete surprise to me because I thought I was […]

Chirpy Chirpy Cheep Cheep

Who says London is the most expensive capital city in the world ? On Friday evening I drove into London in the nick of time – minutes after the congestion charge was no longer payable and pulled up at a parking meter in Covent Garden just as they stopped charging for the night.

My freebie […]

Good Times

Last night I sat in the back of a theatre and squirmed at first and then smiled a lot as five professional actors took my words and transformed them into a real play. I haven’t been as nervous since my son had to solo sing Pie Jesu to a crowd of 200 people when he […]


I read this week that humans shed over 30 metres of eyelashes in their lifetime. This is aggravating news because I have spent my entire life wanting my eyelashes to be longer than they are. I coat them in vaseline every night to protect them, and talk sweetly to them urging them to grow. My […]

News and Views

I spent this morning in the company of Paul Ross and Jo Good who co-host the BBC Radio London Breakfast Show. I was invited to choose three stories from today’s papers to discuss on air. Before I did that Paul had a good laugh at my name, Anna May, saying that he had expected me […]

Crackers and Nuts

Dr Denis, yes Denis not Denise, Walsh believes that pain in childbirth makes the mother and new baby bond stronger, Maybe demented Dr Denis suffered from constipation once so he thinks he knows what he’s talking about?

Any expectant mums packing their hospital/ labour bag need to make room for one more thing […]

NOT Home Alone

My husband claims he spent the weekend in France pulling a plane, which is the size of a family saloon car, along the streets of Douai on a piece of string. According to him he was cheered as he plane-pulled by enthusiaistic locals who threw tickertape to show their appreciation. That’s what he told me […]

Boogie Brother

I called to speak to my big brother today. He couldn’t come to the phone because he was still in bed at 2.30pm. The reason ? He had been to his works do (he is THE boss) where he had very much enjoyed the bottle of wine per head that came with the meal that […]

Cheap TV

Last night I watched Sky’s two part programme ‘My Breasts Could Kill Me’ which was presented and executive produced by a woman called Dawn Porter. It made me so angry that I couldn’t sleep and had to get out of bed at 3am to send Ms Porter an irate e-mail about why I thought her […]