Till Death Us Do Part

If you were wearing a long white wedding dress and a veil and carrying a beautiful trailing bouquet of lilies and gypsophilia , and your dashing groom was in a navy suit with a cream rose in his buttonhole  and you were both wearing shiny new matching wedding rings – would you be in Tesco Metro in Baker Street buying cat food, batteries and a strawberry and banana smoothie ?

I saw a bridal couple doing just that yesterday. They put their  items in a carrier bag, linked arms and breezed out  to the sound of  other Tesco shoppers’  necks craning to watch  as the pair walked by. I haven’t stopped thinking about Mr and Mrs Tesco Express  since I saw them. What sort of love potion  could they knock up from that shopping bag of ingredients?

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  • Moya

    Oh Anna-May use your imagination! It.s all about LOVE food! Keep the cat occupied and out of the way and the happy couple can satisfy their own hunger— which , perhaps more importantly, has the benefit of no clearing or washing up. Gives a new meaning to food presentation!

  • I think I must be undersexed because I can’t find anything aphrodisiacy about a fruit smoothie, batteries and cat food
    Anna May x

  • Whre once we poured champagne and drank it from one another’s navels, now it’s all about the smoothie.

    If they just got married, they’ll need someone to feed thect (and something to feed it with) while they honeymoon.

    And the batteries? Well, even the best of us fellers gets worn out from time-to-time.

  • Mike – oh the joy of having ‘inny’ belly buttons – it’s not all about fluff is it ?
    Anna May x

  • brings a different feel to shopping! i like the way you write – very upbeat and lively and jolly!!!

    Got you web address from Writers Forum. I’m having a writers web created so looking for people to swap links with if interested? Just on the Extracts page at the mo. Temp link is http://www.elymt.co.uk/lesleybonney5 as under construction.

    have a good day!! lesley

  • Think my message deleted – Oops

  • Had written that you write in a jolly, upbeat way and commented on the post before I managed to hit the wrong button and lose the lot : 0 ).

    Also that I read about you in W.F. and to say am looking for people to swap links with. My web is under construction with a temp link http://www.elymt.co.uk/lesleybonney5 … Extracts page next then Links which should be August the rate I’m going!

    Have a good day!
    primroses007 [at] yahoo [dot] co [dot] uk

  • Hello Lesley,
    Thanks for stopping by and good luck with your website which I will certainly visit.
    Anna May x