All Over the Place

I once worked with a very grand lady who was called Tessa Browne, and whenever she was on the ‘phone requesting that something should be posted to her she would stress “That’s Browne –  with an E‘”.  Her post would arrive at the office and 99% of the time it was addresed to Tessa Brown-Witherney. It was this lady, she had a vocabularly the size of the solar system, who told me I was ‘eclectic’. For years I thought that word was something to do with static electricity and that she had been referring to my frizzy hair,  until a friend said it to me again today after I told her about my weekend.

Friday night I went to a storytelling session at the London Irish Centre in Hammersmith. A young woman called Rachel Rose Reid stood in front of an audience of about 30 people and without props, and in spite of  police sirens and Friday drunks rampaging on the street beneath  the window of the room we were in, she convinced us all that we were in another time and another place. Rachel told stories about sleeping giants and sweeping deserts and love sultans,  and when it was all over I felt as though I had time travelled. She was hypnotic.

Then on Saturday night I went to the local multiplex to see the film ‘The Hangover’. It’s a while since I’ve been to the cinema and I was goggle eyed at the amounts of stuff people bring in there with them to eat and drink. And why is it all served in buckets ? If this trend continues cinema goers will soon be using wheelie bins to get their stinking nose-bleed (spicy tomato sauce) topped nachos  and popcorn into the screening areas.  

At the theatre, concerts, storytelling evenings, stand up comedy and  anywhere else where punters gather in the dark it’s not about binge eating – so why is it OK to stuff your face until you’re full to your forehead in the cinema ? And although I don’t have a musical ear I heard twenty different notes of burp before the film had even started.

The film – The Hangover – was so fantastic that I can’t stop thinking about the story: the characters, the tiger, the baby and the holocaust ring. It is a must see. Not least because  a cast of unknowns created the most hilarious, ridiculous characters. LOVED IT, LOVED IT .

And to round off my elcectic weekend I am on my way to Bingo right now. My dabbers are moist, my glasses are clean and my throat is clear for shouting  “House!” or “Check” or “Show Me the Monet!” Oh no, that would be the National Gallery, not bingo . Told you I’m electric.

3 comments to All Over the Place

  • Debbie

    I must admit – I’m one of those cinema people who must have bucket of popcorn. And beware the person who even dares suggest I should share. Grrr!

    Did you win any money at Bingo last night?

  • Anna May

    Debbie, did you have spicy tomato topping on your popcorn ? And no, I didn’t win any money at bingo (thanks for reminding me) but I tried to be very happy for everyone else around me that did.
    Anna May x

  • Debbie

    Eeeeuuw! Not salsa on popcorn.

    Maybe next time you will win something… 😀