A Hair Raising Tale

I’ve been going to the same hairdresser regularly for five years. My three daughters and my sister go there, too. When I turned up for my last appointment there was a bright yellow banner across the salon window declaring that all new customers would get a 50% discount on their first cut. My mouth did that pointy thing it does when I’m not happy, the just-sucked-a-lemon-look.

My hairdo was great, the tea was strong and the banter in the salon was first class as usual – but when I paid double the amount of the woman ahead of me, a newbie, who unlike me hadn’t spent over a thousand pounds plus on hairdos in there  over the years for her entire family -I was a woman scorned.

The manager was behind the till and when my turn came I paid him slower that usual, never taking my eyes of his face, willing him to say “And of course, half price for you today too, because you and your family come so often and are so wonderful in every way”. But no, as my card was going through, he dashed to help the NEW customer on with her coat instead. He didn’t know it but when I left and  he said “Taverymuchseeyou again”   that he would never again run  his fingers through  my hair or wipe soap suds out of my ears. And so say all of us – my daughters and my sister, too – we are in a collective huff.

What’s been interesting is what other women say about this morality tale. Half my friends are in total agreement  that we are right to take our business elsewhere, but the other half say they are as good as married to their hairdressers and it’s till death do they part.  One said hers  could charge her double or triple the amounts she pays now, and do new clients for free and she would still go to him. Another said if her hairdresser spat in her tea she would ask him to do it again and slap her in the face as well as long as he promised  NEVER to stop doing her hair –  because it’s not about the money but understanding  her hair.  I’m puzzled.

3 comments to A Hair Raising Tale

  • I understand your ire. You’ve been loyal, you’ve brought ‘new’ customers and yet you are treated like old news.
    This is something that annoys me about MANY companies (mobile phone companies spring to mind). It’s such a crappy way to do business.
    HOWEVER…I think you need to make your feelings known to the hairdressers. Write them a letter if you don’t fancy the face-to-face.
    Maybe that way they will understand how rude it is to you and all other regulars to the salon.
    Nuala x

  • You are right Nuala, sulking isn’t getting me anywhere.It’s a bit like when I have a row with my husband – I expect him to use his mind reading skills to know why I am annoyed. I was hoping that if I sulk for long enough the hairdresser will send me flowers !
    I detest mortgage companies, insurance companies, phone companies etc etc who give better deals to new customers than they do to the muggins who have been handing over money for years.
    Anna May x

  • Julie Pereira

    I go to that salon and was so annoyed when I saw the sign – it was a lather before they had got me to the basin. I decided to express my disgust to my hairdresser (lovely man and not the owner) and so I calmly but loudly said i thought it was a duff deal for existing customers etc. etc. the manager/owner stared venomously at me but instead of trying to keep me happy he said nowt,nothing, zilch, diddly squat. So, I thought in future that’s what he’s going to get from me.