Fright and Fuzz

Very good writing news –  my play ‘Changes’ which is about an 80 year widow who finds love on her Dial-A-Ride bus is going to be performed for FIVE nights in London in late July. Venue to be confirmed.

I have a long  list of things to worry about including; will it be any good? Will the actors and director ‘get’ it? Will anybody come to see it ? Do I need to wear  fur (fake) for my premiere? Front cleavage or back cleavage for the red carpet ? I have eight weeks to defuzz my brain, my legs and my chin, is that long enough ?

Talking about verdant chins, I thought Susan Boyle was magnificent on Britain’s Got Talent last night. Yes, she hit a few bum notes at the start and wiggled her ass like a camel and terrifed ‘Piersy’ later in ther show – but I love my heroines when they are flawed. Ms Boyle has smashed people’s expectations of how a 50 year old woman should be. There’s a box marked ‘sensible’ and ‘modest’ that middle aged women are supposed to sit in, quietly,  and Susan Boyle has leapt out of it and smashed it to pieces. She’s Madonna in big knickers and a Bonne Marche cardigan.

7 comments to Fright and Fuzz

  • Debbie

    Definitely a faux fur coat with the diamonds to match.
    I agree that Susan was great but cried crocodile tears when little Natalie didn’t go trough. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE Diversity but she was cute…

  • Jan

    VERY good news about the play. When, where, who, how etc. I want details – give me details. I want to see it.

    PS I don’t watch BGT (can’t bear to look at that plastic dummy on the judging panel in case she melts under the lights) but of course I have seen Susan Boyle. Like me she has a cat called Pebbles so she can’t be all bad.

  • Anna May

    Debbie take heart, the lovely Natalie has decades to be a superstar and wouldn’t she and the little guy with glasses from Diversity make a lovely couple when they are older ?
    Anna May x

  • Anna May

    Hello Jan, where have you been lately ? Thanks for your congratulatins about the play, the dates are 20-24 July but don’t know eher yet – will confirm.
    Hahaha your plastic dummy comment could apply to all three judges – Simon has a baby trout pout going on.
    Love to Pebbles, Anna May x

  • Debbie

    Ah yes, they would be very cute!
    You must be over the moon about your play. Who knows, this time next year you could be deciding what to wear to the Tony Awards.

    You do have a fan base over here so I may need to arrange a theatre evening… 🙂

  • Anna May

    Aw thanks Debbie, it’s good to know I’m not talking to myself. I’m a big fan of your comments, too.
    Anna May x

  • Brilliant news Anna May. Wish I lived in London so I could support you. I’ll be there in spirit! N x