A Tony Award ? The Whinny Is….

I went to see the play War Horse last night and projectile cried. I could see the people sat several rows in front of me looking upwards because they thought the fire sprinklers were dripping on them, but it was me.  It’s the second most that I have ever cried at the theatre after Les Miserables. Then I was sitting next to a stranger who was so unmoved that he was sound asleep, whilst I was jamming kitchen roll(doubles as tissue in our house) into my mouth to stop me from wailing and disturbing Fontine’s  death throes.

War Horse should win every award on offer for turning an empty stage into a dramatic spectacle.  And forget George Clooney, Joey the horse is my new male pin up. Brave, sensitive, spirited and loyal Joey, I’m wagging my tail just thinking about him.

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  • Julie Pereira

    It’s definitely my favourite “serious” play and beats Les Mis by a horse’s whisker. For a “fun filled” show nothing beats Hairspray which is laugh out loud fun! “War Horse” had me feeling choked for days – the man next to me cried by a new born for three hours – I din’t know whether to hug him or salp him as he wsas hysterical. I wanted to buy a foal for ages afterwards but common sense got the better of me.