The Trollop of Christmas Past

OK – so what do you think of this ?

My husband got an email at his school from the ‘one that got away’ 30 years ago. She wants him to visit her school and give a demonstration of something or other – oh yeah? It’s taken her three decades but she has hunted […]

Thread Dread

I took my daughter – who failed her first driving test today and is flying to Thailand tomorrow where she is going to be a volunteer in an orphange – to get her eyebrows threaded. She is hoping for an upgrade with her airline and thinks that smooth, sophisticated brows may seal the deal.

So […]

Queue Question

Last night I was idling in the till queue at Morrisons supermarket. I always join the longest one so I can read all their junk magazines for free. Although I would never actually pay for these mags, I couldn’t survive a week without knowing who and what is in between their shiny pages.

So […]

Snap Crackle Fire

I have just watched last night’s Apprentice and had the best idea for a spin off cereal brand – Suralan Sugars.

My cereal box would feature Surly Suralan’s firing forefinger dressed with branflakes, apple, cranberry and banana and contain little figures of Suralan himself, Margaret, Nick and my personal favourite, Sendthemin Francis. All of […]

Rejection Reflection

It has struck me that the title of my website is Anna May Mangan’s Writing News, but my writing is one of the things I talk about least. And, as this week is probably the most exciting to date of my writing career, I thought I should blog on the topic nearest my heart. My […]

Short Stories and Short Breaks

Thank you RTE Radio 1 for shortlisting my story ‘Tipping Point’ in the Francis MacManus Short Story Competition. There were 700 entries and it’s thrilling to make it into the top 22.

It’s been the best of times this week – the entire extended family – 13 of us in total, went to Blackpool for […]

Happy Easter

What an eventful Easter weekend. This website was captured by Algerian freedom fighters. Apologies to anyone who got their very rude message about Queen and country before it was seized back by the heroic Sophie Garrett my (ex SAS!) website designer. On a more peaceful note on Easter Sunday I did a guided London walk […]

Corr Blimey

I went to the Old Vic last night to see Dancing in Lughnasa . It was performed in the round on the say so of Artistic Director Kevin Spacey, and even though I booked discounted last minute seats I ended up in the front row and so close to the set that if I stretched […]

Wind and Water

Moi ? Embarrassing ? I must be because I was invited onto tonight’s Stephen Nolan Show on BBC Radio 5 Live to talk about things I have said or done that left my children red-faced.

In my defence I believe that offspring get to a certain age and accuse their parents of being embarrassing […]

Fatal Mistake

I volunteer at the hospice where my mum died. It might sound cheesey but the staff were so kind to to her that I do it to give something back. I claim that I save lives there , but actually I’m a trolley dolly dashing about serving dinners, tea and biscuits or jelly and ice […]