Radio Rocks

I’ve been invited onto BBC Radio York’s Morning Show next week to talk about my glorious (ahem, not at the moment because it’s twisted into bunches with the rubber bands I got from a bunch of daffodils) grey hair. I’m so low maintenance it amounts to no maintenance and hair dye is over for me. […]

Sofa So Stupid

My neighbour knocked on the door late last night. As soon as I opened it he extended his leg into the hallway as a cue for me to ask him in, which I didn’t. Then he said “I need to do some measuring” so he stepped in and used a measuring tape to note the […]

Warding Off Germs

Last night I met with a man who has been an in patient at our local NHS hospital recently. He was terrified by the poor standards of hygiene on his ward and made a dark reference to a bath mat that looked like it was woven from pubic hair from numerous donors.


There’s a Wicca in the Knicker

I’ve just seen an ad on the telly for sanitary towels, and because it’s the first day of Period Attack for me I want to pay tribute to the women who skip, jump, sail, unicycle, high dive and laugh uproariously in skimpy underwear and tight white trousers when they have just come on.

My belly […]

No Poetry, Please

Happy St Patrick’s Day to you all.

I have started short course with an Irish writer’s group, and I am loving their work, especially the reasons some of the members offer the group leader for not having written anything during the week.

Week one I heard someone say that she had written nothing because […]

Dinner in the Dark

Last night we celebrated our son’s 23rd birthday with dinner in Skylon, a restaurant that’s atop the Royal Festival Hall.

As soon as we arrived there were knowing winks all round because this was a classy place and the family immediately sussed we were on another Top Table 50% off the cost of dinner deal. […]

Trust me, I’m a Nurse

I have two lovely friends who are, in estate agent speak,’ unexpectedly back on the market’ after their men did the dirty on them. One ran off with a Thai masseuse younger than his youngest daughter and the second returned to live with the wife he’d divorced 5 years before.

So this unattached pair enjoy […]

Marching Mannequin

Victoria Beckham gave me a tena lady moment this morning, she’s been at the dressing up box again and this time marched out of her house looking like ze wicked Colonel in a British Z movie-

Now I would tie myself to a railing to defend women’s rights to do and wear whatever they […]


At my Writer’s Group last week a woman, old enough to be Jade Goody’s mum, fake yawned and drawled “I wish that Jade would just hurry up and die, I am sooooo bored with her”. It was an ugly moment.

The coverage of Jade’s illness is doing women favours that could last their lifetime by […]