Dogs Bags Kisses

My daughter, who is 21, brought her best friend Jane home from university today.  It’s a big step up from a play date because we’re all adults. We drank masala tea and ate BLT sandwiches (mine was just an  LT because I’m a veggie) and did the Activia challenge straight after we’d eaten our Mr Kipling apple pie.

When the girls went upstairs to raid my wardrobe and toiletries cupboard I answered the front door and stood a while chatting to a neighbour. Left alone in the kitchen our dog got hold of Jane’s very large handbag and shook it around so violently that the contents spilled out all over the  floor. And there in the middle of her stuff,’ make up, filofax, keys, phone  –  was my salt cellar.

The girls came into the kitchen to find me on my hands and knees surrounded by the contents of  Jane’s handbag. From their expressions I could see they thought I, not the dog, had been rummaging through it. I hastily tried to explain. Our visitor was flummoxed and at a loss to explain how my salt cellar had got into her handbag.

We were all recovering from this incident when my husband came home from work and saw my daughter’s hand which she had cut last week on a piece of glass. He said “Oh God, you have a huge gash”. Now you probably have to be under 20 to know that the word gash has a double meaning. He and I were clueless but the three girls (my youngest daughter joined in) collapsed into helpless laughter at his  remark.

So, we had the dog mugging, the salt cellar and the gash to get past which we managed to do with more tea and biscuits and then I dropped the girls to the tube station. I got out of the car and hugged and kissed my daughter – she always lets go first – and then I went to give Jane a friendly farewell ‘air’ kiss. Inexplicably we ended up kissing full on the lips.  

I’m drained, and I fear they won’t want to bring their friends home any more. And I found my salt cellar in the cupboard. Her friend had an identical one in her bag. Cue some twilight zone music.

5 comments to Dogs Bags Kisses

  • Oh my God, that’s the funniest blog post I’ve read in ages. I’m giggling like a madser!! Between the salt cellar, the huge gash and the kiss, it’s just so ridiculously silly and funny!!

    On a more serious note, I think it’s v sweet that your daughter would raid your stuff. You clearly have great taste, Anna.

    Thanks for giving me a laugh!
    Nuala x
    p.s. I’m a veggie too! Check out my vegan cookery/baking blog at

  • admin

    How could you do that to me Nuala? I’ve just visited the hungry vegan yummy site and drooled all over my keyboard x Anna May

  • Ha ha, Anna, sorry about that. If you bake any of the cakes / muffins, let me know with a comment!

  • carl harry

    I am “Jane’s” dad and from what she tells me if your daughter will not want to come home to you, mine certainly will want to see you.She thinks you are a hoot!lovely article and will paste it on a wall in the house somewhere.Maybe you should try and give the 40 million englishpeoples a taste of welsh next time as a shadow prime minister did marry a Ffion.
    I am glad Ffion has a good friend in May.
    Best wishes, Carl Rosser Harry( had to put the middle name in).

  • admin

    Welcome to my world, Carl. ‘Jane’ is a pleasure to know. There’s nothing like a warm Welshcake is there ? Anna May x