Sweet Seat

Ooops. Booked 2 tickets for my husband and daughter to see Slumdog Millionaire at the lovely comfy Tricycle cinema, and I requested the sofa seats in the back row. I remember seeing them the last time I visited and thought they’d be lovely and comfy with relaxing extra space for leg stretching, and nice and private for popcorn chomping and coke slurping.

Got a furious text from daughter shouting that I’d booked the two of them, father and daughter into  what’s called ‘the love seat’.

It was too tight a squeeze for them to sit side by side decently and she didn’t want to sit on her dad’s lap  (understandable as she’s 18) but an entire row of cinemagoers did a very decent thing and shifted up a seat so that father and daughter could sit side by side and watch the film without having to make physical contact.

By the way when she texted to tell me they couldn’t both squeeze into the seat I replied as any mother would with ‘fatty boom booms’.

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